Glowing Endorsements

  • Katelyn Lucas, Executive Director, Elizabeth Fry Society of Calgary

    Bonnie is passionate about helping non-profit organizations. She understands that challenges that charities face and is sensitive to sharing client stories in a respectful, caring way. Her creativity, writing skills and strong media partnerships are an asset to our organization.

  • Ross – Vice President Marketing, TAB

    TAB has worked with Bonnie for the past two years. Worked isn’t the right word – Bonnie is part of our organization. Bonnie is the ideal partner – adept at both strategic planning and rolling up her sleeves to make sure our marketing programs and events are extraordinary!

  • Joe Moreau President, Moreau Associates

    Bonnie Elgie and I have worked together for over nine years on initiatives related to my business clients, as well assisting me as a lead publicity representative for Calgary’s longest-standing choir, Revv52. Bonnie has skills that have been honed over the years which are perfect for any organization looking to raise their profile. Her approach is multi-disciplinary, incorporating media awareness, branding, advertising, social media and direct marketing. Her talents are extraordinary, particularly with the written word, and she has a practical approach to raising awareness that is aligned with the target buyer. Her style is very personable and easy going, but she is also very assertive when she needs to be and will stand her ground when needed. Overall, I would recommend Bonnie to those who wish to raise their public profile, using proven methods while understanding and enabling the latest tools.

  • Doug Lacombe, MBA President, communicatto

    Bonnie has considerable depth of experience in PR, marketing, communications, and branding, a tremendous asset to her clients. She functions as an extension of each client’s team, integrating well with various organizations and adding the communications skills they need and sometimes lack. Her warmth and ready smile make her a pleasure to work with.

  • Ken Vinge, MBA General Manager, Marks Staffing

    I have had the absolute pleasure of working with Bonnie for the past 10 years and during that time have found her to be thoroughly knowledgeable in her field. She is a consummate professional that understands marketing from a strategic perspective and is able to implement the required tactics to be successful.

  • Ann Douglas, Toronto Star Columnist, Author of 29 books, Media Spokesperson

    Bonnie Elgie is a highly creative and visionary public relations strategist. She has the ability to assemble a great team of people and to inspire them to do their best work. Bonnie saw the potential of using mom spokespersons (as opposed to celebrity or expert spokespersons) long before many others felt comfortable with the idea. This speaks to her willingness to try new things in order to break new creative ground. I would highly recommend Bonnie Elgie to anyone seeking a top calibre public relations professional.

  • Melanie Jones, Artist in Residence, Brooklyn Arts Exchange

    I would recommend Bonnie in half a heartbeat. I’ve worked with her in a number of capacities (agency, corporate, nonprofit), but the one that impacted me and my career most was when I engaged her public/media relations talents for my theatre work ENDURE: A Run Woman Show in 2011. She took us on as a client in the very early days (when we were running the show out of a Honda Civic) and got us our earliest and most pivotal press. We’ve been leveraging those early reviews for years and and my artistic career owes this woman a huge debt of gratitude. We’ve since toured ENDURE to London during the 2012 Olympic Games, the Edinburgh Festival Fringe (where it was shortlisted for The Arches Brick Award) and continue to present it in New York, where it won two NYIT (New York Innovative Theater) awards. Bonnie’s investment in my work early on has been one of the greatest gifts I’ve ever received. I’d work with her again in a second.

  • Kathy Christiansen, Executive Director, Alpha House

    Bonnie has been a great asset to Alpha House. Her insights on social media messaging, her connections in the industry and her responsiveness during a media crisis have benefitted our organization tremendously.