Developing Dynamic Personal Brands


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In today’s increasingly competitive business environment, it’s important to be able to differentiate yourself – to stand out from the crowd. It’s not enough to have a unique skill set; you have to know how to clearly articulate what you alone bring to your employer, industry and clients or customers. That’s where I come in.


Business leaders, independent consultants, small business owners and sales and marketing professionals all need to have a clearly defined personal brand. This includes those pursuing a more traditional career path who want to differentiate themselves in an increasingly crowded job market.

Ultimately, people who want to get ahead in their careers will benefit from developing a strong personal brand.


As an independent consultant offering public relations and marketing services, I know firsthand the value of personal branding. I have worked with some of Canada’s top companies, non-profit organizations and business people to develop and implement successful communications and branding strategies. Some of the services I offer include:


One-on-One Coaching

I work closely with individuals to create dynamic personal brands. Through one-on-one coaching, I will walk you through the entire personal branding process — from creating a brand mantra, to developing a mission and vision and professionalizing brand assets. I also discuss the ‘dos and don’ts’ of personal branding and share some tricks and tips that have benefitted my own business over the years.

Linkedin Profiles

Want to get the most from your LinkedIn profile? I’ve developed a LinkedIn training program that optimizes your profile to get you noticed. I can also show you how to use LinkedIn for prospecting and building relationships with current customers and prospects.


Branding and Communications Audits

Sometimes it takes a fresh set of eyes to see what you’re doing well, and where there’s room for improvement. My customized audits take into account the entirety of your personal brand — from your visual identity and appearance, to your digital and traditional brand assets and your customer or client engagement experience. I’ll do the research, then we’ll sit down together to discuss ways in which you can strengthen your personal brand using both offline and online tools and strategies.



I regularly present to business groups and professional associations regarding the purpose, the power and the process of personal branding. My presentations are customized to ensure that the information is relevant to you and directly applicable to your field or sector. Click here to view a sample personal branding presentation.

Or read what some of my former audience members have to say:

  • Cathy Yost-Anderson, Principal, CathyInc.

    Cathy Yost-Anderson, Principal, CathyInc.

    Bonnie Elgie is fabulously resourceful, brilliantly creative and innovative. She has a unique ability to stretch her client’s aspiration for growth and success by asking the tough questions. And she gets results! Bonnie brings with her an extremely high level of integrity to everything she does. Her experience and knowledge of the public relations industry is vast and expansive. She is a well-respected member of the community.

  • Beverly M. Reynolds, APR, L.M

    Beverly M. Reynolds, APR, L.M

    I have known Bonnie Elgie as a talented and knowledgeable communicator for almost a decade. Her experiences in the profession of public relations have given her many insights and her natural talent has allowed her the opportunity to share her thoughts with many audiences, including news media, Boards of Directors, CPRS luncheon attendees and smaller groups who are equally as important. Bonnie is a skilled presenter, an ethical PR practitioner who ensures she knows her subject area before speaking and a tremendous spokesperson. She is smart, articulate and skilled. I look forward to being in her audience again.

  • Attendee, CPRS / IABC Indy Conference 2013

    Attendee, CPRS / IABC Indy Conference 2013

    Informative and well-paced, with lots of great information.

  • Diane Rennie, APR

    Diane Rennie, APR

    I can highly recommend Bonnie Elgie as a session speaker. Her delivery style at both her social media presentation and personal branding session for the CPRS independent consultants group created a personal connection with the audience while delivering real world experience and practical strategies.

  • Attendee

    Attendee, CPRS / IABC Indy Conference 2013

    Bonnie has a very personable style, which perfectly gets across her topic. Great handouts.