Bonnie Elgie, Public Relations Consultant

As an accredited public relations practitioner, I’ve implemented successful communications strategies for some of Canada’s top companies, non-profit organizations and entrepreneurs.

I thrive on the challenge of getting the right message to the right audience. Whether the goal is promoting a brand to customers, marketing B2B services, or inspiring communities and funders to support a charity, I help to tell stories that inspire action.

Results are fuelled by consumer engagement through efforts that include amplified brand awareness, product trials and sales leads, or increased donations and community involvement.

I’ve worked with top agencies, including several years as PR Director for Venture Communications, working with the inimitable Arlene Dickinson

I’m proud of my track record. My work is focused on meaningful, measurable results. In addition to strategic communications planning and implementation, corporate and personal branding and all aspects of media relations, I am an avid writer with a portfolio of published articles, blogs, social media content, collateral materials and web copy.

Services offered include: strategic communications planning and implementation, corporate and personal branding, media relations, social media strategy and content marketing.

The Virtual Agency

Working with Bonnie Elgie PR means your communications projects benefit from the specialized expertise and professional skills of me and my close network of trusted, talented colleagues. From research analysts to web developers, and graphic designers to media buyers, I can put together an “A” team to ensure your communications are strong and effective. It’s like having a traditional agency on call.

Have a look at the company I keep: